Infusing Items with Enjin is a great Idea but also a BArrier to Adoption.
Foe the Studios this process wioll not be as much as a hassel in terms of price or infusing process since they already are used to this kind of things in the process of building games ect.
But we should not underestimate the end user / community minters. For this people, especially the non crypto affine people buying enjin and infusing them is a barrier to adoption.
I belive we need an additional option for them to mint assets without any costs if wwe wanne be able to compete fully with the upciming markets in the future.
Just for example: Enduser could watch a commercial and the small payment that gets createt from that could be used already to mint some assets.
This would be optional and break down the barrier of the need to buy enjin.
Im sure ther is even better ideas for this. Important is only to have an option that allows endusers to mint without buying enjin itself.
Im not saying we should not use ENjin to infus. We should just have a way where endusers dont pay itself. Atleast as a option.
What is Enjin Family thinking about this topic?