As much i appreaciate we launch of the Main NEt, Im a "bit" dissapointet that the whole site has a focus on Devs only.
What i was expecting is a 2nd Mode, something like a easy mode / basic mode button for the average joe. Just think of the very simple design of the old Web Mint shop. The curernt model with the API discriptions and the monthly payment clearly is focusing devs and thats good. But why do we exclude the regular people here if we already have all the tech? Look when the mint shop was live the first day with the community went crazy and mint all kind of stuff. The community is the most powerfull marketing tool youc n have. We should support community mints and not kill it with a UI and price model focused on Devs. Even the Studios showed support and interaction with the Communty Items. Imagine a basic site ption with a 1 time pay price model peole can effort. Imagine people minting gift cards, birthday present, picture from ther child love letter, storys they have written, arts, all this things wold come up from regular people and they would trade and send this too other people, What more can you want as marketing as your community creations and sharing and gifting via social media. Alow them so send Items with a new Wallet to other people and its a dream. I m a bid sad that we miss this chance atm but really really hope the Team will see this demand