Yeah, I was looking forward to posting up some of my cards for my trading card game/ in dev video game, "Danger-Squad". I had put a lot of energy and resources into making the best cards possible exclusively for Enjin. I undersand, yet am sad to see this feature isn't supported like it is on other platforms.
I tested it a few times on OpenSea and Rarible and it seems to look good, but as far as the trading card game, I was looking to develop an exclusive video game on the Enjin platform with my colleagues. Here are some examples of the cards I've developed as attachments:
These are some of the cards on my lander. There will be about 14 in total more or less for the first series.
I will attempt to cut the size of the files in half to make them more assortable. Thoughts?
I think the appeal of the cards will bring along different customer bases with varying interests to the card sets. If there's anything I can do to help in this process...