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Full UE4 Blueprint Integration, not only C++
For game developers looking to use ENJ in their next product, this is a request for the ENJ team responsible for bringing ENJ transactions into Unreal Engine to make implementation of all functions, code, scripts, libraries, etc. for ENJ transactions fully accessible in Blueprints, Unreal Engine's visual scripting system. This will make ENJ transactions available to the widest number of Unreal Engine developers, as Blueprints is the default scripting system built into and used throughout the engine from the ground up. My main concern with ENJ implementation into ue4 is that if the method for integrating ENJ would require delving into C++ code, as this will undoubtedly create a barrier to entry that will limit the number of ue4 games that would otherwise incorporate ENJ into their products, by excluding those developers who mostly or exclusively develop in the visual scripting system, and by making ENJ integration for otherwise experienced C++ developers enough of a hassle for them to not try ENJ out for the sake of a rapid prototype or test. There are many great examples of plugins on the Epic Games Marketplace that extend features of the game engine where all the features provided by a plugin are Blueprint accessible. As a developer, I think the simplest and most straightforward implementation of ENJ into Unreal Engine would be a free plugin available on the Epic Games Marketplace, which once added to the engine and then enabled by the developer in the Plugins section of their version of Unreal Engine, would then expose all the code/functions required for ENJ integration straight into Blueprints. Conner Dotware Games
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